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Thinking about purchasing or leasing an aircraft?  What about fractional ownership?  Regardless of which option you go with, choosing a broker is the first step.  These particular investments require extensive research, meticulous budgeting, and complicated legal maneuvering, but with our expertise and guidance, we’ll make this rigorous process an effortless one.

Each investment is unique, and if not managed properly can lead to over paying, or in the case of selling, not getting the full value of your aircraft.  Market analysis, exclusive listings, and ambitious values, are just a few the benefits when choosing an experienced broker.  With LuxOne, be confident in the value of your investment.





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If having the flexibility to fly when and where you want is your top priority, owning an aircraft may be right for you.  While purchasing is a long term and significant investment, the high degree of control will provide the freedom to fly how you choose.  When considering ownership, LuxOne will help define requirements and budget to ensure this is the right choice for you.


Long term commitment might not be your thing, or maybe your air transportation needs are only temporary.  There are a handful of reasons flyers choose to lease rather than buy, but the main benefit is not having a long term financial obligation.  Leasing also saves you the hassle of finding a buyer when you’re ready to upgrade.


Fractional owners buy shares of an aircraft, rather than purchasing the entire aircraft. Fractional ownership guarantees a certain number of flight hours or days for the purchased aircraft.  This can range from 50-400 hours annually, depending on the share buy-in. Similar to a property timeshare, fractional owners split ownership to reduce the initial investment and ongoing expenses while receiving the benefits of private ownership.